Karen Belz
Updated Oct 07, 2016 @ 2:01 pm
Credit: https://www.baskinrobbins.com/content/baskinrobbins/en/products/cake/polar-pizza.html

Two of our ultimate favorite things in life have combined at Baskin-Robbins: pizza and ice cream. While the famous chain has had the Polar Pizza for some time now, they’ve created a pie that’s a bit more Halloween-themed. And that’s incredibly exciting. While typical Polar Pizzas come in chocolate chip cookie dough or peanut butter and chocolate, the Halloween Polar Pizza is inspired by the best part of the holiday — candy.

Credit: https://www.baskinrobbins.com/content/baskinrobbins/en/products/cake/polar-pizza.html

Now, candy corn is often a debated October snack. But in this form, surrounded by mini-M&Ms and engulfed in Snickers-flavored ice cream, they’re definitely a win. Without a doubt.

Credit: Scientific Culture / giphy.com

While Baskin-Robbins hasn’t totally been advertising this wonder of wonders yet, they’re definitely backing the idea of Polar Pizzas. As they should — since it’s genius. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2dKtUGDlmo

Of course, you can pick up a Polar Pizza for any occasion. Birthday? Perfect. Christmas? Of course. Your beloved dog’s “Gotcha Day”? Ideal. (Just don’t let him have any of it. Chocolate and puppies don’t mix.) The fact that Baskin-Robbins lets you create your own just makes us hungry with possibilities.

Next time someone asks you what your favorite pizza topping is, don’t tell them it’s pepperoni — tell them it’s chocolate and candy corn.