Credit: Instagram/Holy Chicken USA

Okay, so you remember Super Size Me, the documentary that turned us off McDonalds for life…except not really. Well Uproxx let us know that the man behind the doc, Morgan Spurlock, is opening a fast food restaurant in Columbus Ohio! It makes sense (kinda) because he’s an expert on fast food…right?

It’s going to be a chicken restaurant called Holy Chicken!

And the obvious question is: Why would the guy who warned us all of the dangers of fast food be getting into the fast food business? Seems totally counterintuitive, right? Not when you read this statement from Spurlock:

Okay, so the idea is fast food that’s actually not terrible for you or the planet. RIGHT ON! We’re on board for this chicken adventure because it seems like they’re trying something different and worthy. And we’ve gotta say, the chicken sandwiches are MAKING OUR MOUTHS WATER.

And if anyone was going to start a new chicken restaurant, it really is this guy.

Wishing Morgan Spurlock all the best as he opens Holy Chicken! On November 19th. It’s not gonna be an easy road, but the fact that he’s raising awareness about free range chicken and organic food in general confirms that it’s a step in the right direction.