If there’s a Mexican master of horror, it’s Guillermo del Toro. The legendary filmmaker is known for his menacing monsters and dazzling films that peer into the abyss of the human experience. The famed director also happens to have been born in Jalisco, the home of Patrón tequila. So it seems natural that the two Mexican icons are teaming up for a limited-edition Guillermo del Toro and Patrón tequila set.

This is possibly the creepiest liquor we’ve ever seen. Inspired by Mexican culture and all things darkness, this is a set for the horror fanatic who doubles as a tequila aficionado.

This isn’t just an ordinary bottle of tequila with Guillermo’s name on it.

Like anything Guillermo does, this was an extremely collaborative project that takes us into his wild and macabre universe. Guillermo tapped illustrator Guy Davis, his long-time collaborator, to design the bottle. They incorporated elements of Mexican culture alongside Día de los Muertos motifs for a bottle that combines Guillermo and Patrón’s legacies.

The set comes with a dark, amber glass bottle in two parts. The smaller part, which is shaped like a skull, holds a sweet, citrus liqueur. The larger chamber, which looks like a skeletal torso, holds the aged tequila. The two drinks are meant to be had together. The shining black box holding the tequila turns into a colorful altar, complete with two votive candles and an altar tile that reads “tiempo vida y madurez,” meaning “long life and maturity.”

Guillermo recently described the project in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

Although the $475 price tag may not be cheap, we’d like to think of this as an experience and not simply a drink. If you’re feeling inspired to splurge with this incredible collection, then you can pre-order it now. And don’t forget to drink responsibly.