Kenya Foy
Updated March 06, 2017

We didn’t dream this up, but we wish we had: The mouthwatering grilled cheese doughnut is here to take us all from hungry to heavenly in one delicious-looking bite. It almost sounds like a unicorn of foods, but luckily for our taste buds, this sandwich isn’t just an elusive selection on a fantasy meal reel.

According to Cosmo, this super innovative take on grilled cheese — officially known as The Flamin’ Hot Grilled Cheese — comes from the menu of New York City’s Clinton Hall, which collaborated with The Doughnut Project on the recipe.

Instead of your typical slices of white bread and cheese, it’s made with sliced habanero bacon doughnut and mozzarella (*drools*). After doughnut and cheese become one on the grill, the sandwich is literally suspended over a bowl of tomato soup and served, as if daring you to go for the dunk.

We thought the red wine grilled cheese sandwich would be the fastest route to a food coma, but we’re willing to reconsider, particularly after laying eyes upon this beautiful doughnut and cheese union.

If you can stand it, here’s someone actually eating this wonderful treat and looking extremely pleased with it:

At $11 a pop, Clinton Hall’s Flamin’ Hot Grilled Cheese is only being served Friday through Sunday in limited quantities. If you’re going to eat your way into a food coma, you only have two weekends left to take advantage of this food fantasy-fulfilling promotion.

Here’s another look while we’re at it:

SIGHS. And this is why our allegiance to grilled cheese sandwiches will never die.