Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated February 01, 2015

Today in Things That Are Insane But Totally Awesome, we bring you the grilled cheese crust pizza, a pizza that does NOT take the notion of “stuffed crust” lightly. It’s intense. It’s cheesy. It’s doughy. It’s the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen. And it’s the perfect recipe for Super Bowl Sunday (aka, today), because let’s be real: carrots and ranch dip will never be as epic as grilled cheese crust pizza. Also, if you loved grilled cheese sandwiches as much as you love pizza, why not have both?

Best of all? You can totally make grilled cheese crust pizza yourself. Oh Bite It, the masterminds behind this glorious creation, show you how to construct your very own, step by step. And it’s pretty easy. All you need is: Pillsbury thin crust pizza dough, Velveeta cheese (because it melts the best), mozzarella, pizza sauce, an egg, butter, oregano, and a 9” pizza pan.

The secret to this recipe, though? The colossal layer of cheese in the pizza dough.

And when you’re done, it LOOKS like your average pepperoni pizza, but little do your friends know it’s actually the greatest marriage between two of the best foods in the world. Grilled cheese and pizza. You are welcome.

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