Kenya Foy
August 23, 2017 8:52 am

Every once in a while, we come across desserts that we really don’t want to touch, not because they don’t make our mouths water at first sight, but because we can’t possibly think of destroying something so utterly perfect, like this absolutely gorgeous green tea cake.

The recipe for this beautiful gradient matcha mousse cake comes courtesy of YouTuber Amanda Tastes, and in case we haven’t already made this crystal clear by now, it certainly qualifies as #foodporn. If matcha green tea is one of your faves, then this will probably become your new signature dessert.

In a recipe video for the matcha mousse cake, Tastes says she enjoys making beautiful foods that are works of art, but she assures us that they definitely taste as good as they look.

Amanda Tastes /

The circular green dessert is so smooth and pretty, plus there’s something supremely satisfying about watching her slice into the finished product, but we’ll come back to that glorious moment.

First, let’s get into the recipe, which doesn’t exactly appear to be for beginning bakers.

Tastes makes everything from scratch, including the cake batter — a combination of a matcha mixture and an egg white meringue — along with the gelatin that gives the cake its glossy appearance.

In the end, Taste explains that each layer of the cake contains a different concentration of matcha, which means you experience a different flavor with every bite.

And now for that slicing moment, which is easily the best part of the video.


Yes, we’re still drooling over the sight of this marvelous cake, but is it weird to say we’d rather slice it than eat it?