Sammy Nickalls
May 23, 2016 8:19 am

Trips McDonald’s are a pretty major part of all our childhoods, so it’s wild check out what other foods they serve on their menus all over the world. There are some items we don’t get in the States — like India’s Paneer Wrap — that sound really, *really* good. Now China’s latest McDonald’s menu addition has got our attention with a GREEN BURGER.


The burger was released as part of a promotion for the Angry Birds movie — that’s right, it’s supposed to be green like the pigs. And for that reason, it’s made of pork instead of beef. The burger also has egg, lettuce, and a ~secret~ jalapeño sauce between two green buns.


If you were wondering, yes, there is also a  burger to honor the the Angry Birds themselves and the color of the buns is — you guessed it — bright red.


It’s a double chicken sandwich (again, a little messed up) with “fiery pepper mayo” between two red buns (aaand again, jarring to the eyes).

But apparently, when it comes to taste, these oddly-colored burgers are not half bad.

Although all these colored burgers are reminding Twitter of another beloved animated character entirely. . .

A green burger? Yeah, we’ve got our eye on you, McDonald’s.

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