Sarah Hatheway
Updated Jun 01, 2015 @ 2:36 pm
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It’s the (second) most wonderful time of the year: party season! And in particular, graduation party season. Students all over the place are celebrating the payoff of their hard work: a diploma, and some very cool Hogwarts-esque robes. Join in the festivities with this week’s craft, some super simple (and super cute) little graduation caps. They’re just the right size to place atop cupcakes, making them the ideal grad-party decoration!

* If you’re frosting your cupcakes with a super rich buttercream, I’d recommend waiting as long as possible to put the caps on top. The buttercream can stain the edges of the paper with all of that delicious, delicious butter.


  • Blue construction paper
  • Yellow embroidery floss
  • Scratch paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Craft scissors
  • Ruler

Craft away:

  • Use the ballpoint pen to draw a 2-inch square on the scratch paper. Draw a rectangle as well, 4-inches long by 1-inch high. Add two 1/2-inch squares to the top of the rectangle, placing them 1-inch in from the sides. Finally, draw a circle 1-inch in diameter. Cut out all three shapes.
  • Trace each shape onto the blue paper six times. Cut out all of the shapes.
  • Cut six 2-inch long pieces of embroidery floss, and knot one end.
  • Assemble the graduation caps. To do this, first fold each rectangular piece around and use the double-stick tape to fix the ends together. Bend in the small squares on top, and place a piece of tape on the top of each square. Gently press one of the 2-inch squares on top of the smaller squares to make the main part of the hat. Put one more piece of tape on one side of a circular piece, and stick the unknotted piece of floss to it. Stick the square tape-side down on top of each graduation cap to make a tassel.
  • Place each topper on a frosted cupcake, and celebrate!