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In the words of the great Tracy Jordan/ Morgan, “live every week like it’s Shark Week.” And while that advice may be hard for most to follow, you can at least live Shark Week, like it’s Shark Week.

After Googling, “What’s the point of Shark Week,” it came to my attention that this week-long holiday means more than just watching sharks swim on TV. The program was originally started to raise awareness and respect for sharks, and now has become one of the longest running cable events in history.

And people are already celebrating, like Dunkin’ Donuts, who are changing their slogan for the week from, “American Runs on Dunkin’,” to, “Shark Week Runs on Dunkin’.” I guess both slogans are kind of similar since I can’t think of anything more American than watching sharks on TV for a week straight. Dunkin’ is also releasing this adorable Shark Bite donut.

As you can see, it looks just like a life-preserver (but should not be used as a flotation device. I repeat: do not try to use this frosted donut as a flotation device). DD is also having a Take A Bite competition, encouraging customers to pose with their limited edition Shark Week donut, because if there’s one thing we don’t have enough of, it’s selfies.

So aside from stocking up on Shark Bites (which us Californian’s are deprived of, for now) how else can you play your part in Shark Week? Well here are some ideas:

1. Change you ringtone to the Jaws theme song

“Oh, hey, Mom.”

Bonus points if you also make it your ringback.

2. Only wear shark-themed apparel

Since you probably can’t watch all 168 hours of Shark Week, shark apparel is great alternative to show people that you’re celebrating. Like wearing green to work on St. Patrick’s Day.

3. Wear a Shark Hat regardless of what the dress code is

Well maybe you shouldn’t have had your wedding during Shark Week.

4. Let your pets gets into the spirit too!

Just look at how much fun Garfield is having in his Shark outfit!

5. Enjoy some Sharks on a Plane!

South West passengers are already getting a first look at Shark Week during their flights and can even enter for a chance to swim with real sharks! Which sounds awesome, but also incredibly terrifying.

6. Take a Moment to Remember the Jaws Ride At Universal Studios

And if you’re anything like me, you’re still having nightmares. Oh we’re going on a, “nice boat ride?” More like the boat ride of death! Looking back this ride was awesome. . .once I stopped crying.

7. Insist on bringing Shark Week cupcakes to every party you are invited to. Even if it’s a baby shower.

Georgetown cupcakes sells the ones pictured above. Or you can make your own here.

8. Donate to a Shark Foundation

Again, the real point of Shark Week is to raise awareness and respect for sharks, after all, they are endangered. And what better to help out than to donate to a shark charity!

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