Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Mar 10, 2015 @ 10:07 am
Picture of Girl Scout Drive-Thru Sign

At this point, Girl Scouts have their cookie business down to a science. There’s an app that makes it easy to track down cookies near you. Last year, they created a gluten-free cookie for wheat-wary snackers. This year, they released scented candles. And now, behold: There’s a Girl Scout Cookie drive-thru in Salem, New Hampshire. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, PEOPLE!

The ladies of Troop 12115 took over a warehouse and transformed it into Girl Scout Cookie heaven. Simply drive up, place your order and drive away with cookies—without ever leaving your car.

Girl Scout Cookie revenue directly supports local Girl Scout troops. At upwards of $4 a box, I’d say these girls are in for some pretty awesome campouts—they’ve already sold over 1,200 boxes this season! Somebody get these girls Business Skills badges.

Their aim is to sell 5,000 boxes this year, according to WMUR, so they’re already getting close to their goal. It hasn’t hurt that their enterprise has been covered by everyone from the Associated Press to People Magazine. Hey, people really love their Thin Mints.

While it’s not clear where the girls got their brilliant idea from, the New York Daily News reports that a Girl Scouts group in Milwaukee hosted a drive-thru sale last month.

And this month? It’s all about New Hampshire. If you’re in Salem, drive by the Girl Scout Cookie drive-thru and help Troop 12115 reach their goal of selling 5,000 boxes! Road trip, anyone?

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