S. Nicole Lane
February 26, 2017 10:24 am

As if we couldn’t crave, dream, or drool about Girl Scout cookies enough, Broad Street Dough Co., based in New Jersey, is selling them in doughnut form. Yes, you read that correctly.

They are now one in the same, united, and beautiful for all of us to devour.

Samoas, Thin Mints, and Tagalongs are the featured tastes that are being used to transform a regular doughnut treat. What’s more is that the doughnut doesn’t just have parts of the cookie – it actually tastes like the cookie.

The Thin Mint doughnut is covered in chocolate and topped with crunchy bits, so you still get that yummy Thin Mint crunch. And that’s not all. The treat is lightly covered in a chocolate and mint glaze. Then an actual Thin Mint tops it off because of course it does.

No matter what your Girl Scout cookie preference, these good people have you covered. Their incredible attention to detail makes each one of these doughnuts totally delightful. And, the vegan and gluten/free options at the doughnut shop promise to be totally made-to-order. So if you have a custom food need, they’re ready to meet it.

But Broad Street will only be selling these doughnuts for a limited time.

Just like the Girl Scout cookies themselves, these delicious treats are seasonal. And the most impressive part of the entire creation? The owner of the doughnut shop, Desdemona Dalia, actually purchases several thousand boxes of Girl Scout Cookies every year. So these are from her personal — shall we say “collection” — of cookies.

According to her cookie calculations, the cookies should last until July. So get out to New Jersey and visit these good people before the deliciousness runs out.