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Halloween is good for lots of things, from showing off unique Halloween makeup looks to challenging ourselves to create the perfect group costumes. But it’s also a time of one thing even yummier: sweets! And this *giant* gummy eyeball (filled, of course, with “blood”) is exactly what we need in our tummies this Halloween. Created by Jenn Johns of Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio, a baker, YouTuber, blogger, author, and teacher, this is seriously our fave Halloween treat. We can already taste it!

Like, how amazing does this look!?

Jenn captioned the tutorial,

Yes, yes, and yes. We can’t wait to give this one a try!

All of the om nom nom.

We’re taking notes!

Perfectly spooky, and sure to be so delicious.

Yum! Who would have thought an eyeball would be so yummy?!

And here’s the entire tutorial, because we don’t want to miss a single step.

We can’t wait to show this off to our foodie friends come Halloween!