HelloGiggles Team
May 05, 2014 12:07 pm

Watch Sgt. Jason Bos emotional reunion with his military service dog Cila. Sgt. Bos never thought he would see Cici again until fate and Facebook brought them back together! From Chicago Tribune:

Their partnership ended when a back injury forced Bos to leave the Army in 2012.Cila was just 5 years old, and still had time to serve as a military dog. While Bos headed home to Michigan, Cila remained on active duty. Bos, 33, did not know if he’d ever reunite with Cila. But a month ago, he saw on Facebook that Cila was due to be retired.
He was thrilled when the kennel master at his former base contacted him to see if he wanted to adopt her. “I said ‘Yes. What do I have to do?’” Bos said.

Here come those happy tears!

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