Laura Kadner
July 13, 2014 9:53 am

The Seven Kingdoms of Game of Thrones‘ are rife with quite a few things: violence, sex, horses, and perhaps most importantly, wine. And while you can’t guzzle the actual wine imbibed by residents and royalty of the Kingdoms, you can enjoy libations inspired by them. The soon-to-be launched Wines of Westeros have something for every Game of Thrones fan, with 12 different vinos—six red and six white—all inspired by characters and houses of the show.

For example, The Stark, a Sauvignon Blanc, encourages you to “throw on your furs, summon your direwolf and reject all wedding invitations,” while The Lannister, a Pinot Noir, begs you “be wary of incest and betrayal—a sip of this wine may be your last.” Perhaps you’re more in The Dothraki mood, in which case there’s a Merlot that “will fuel your animal instincts and help you woo your Khaleesi.” You get the idea. And it’s a great one. They’ll be available for sale before season 5 premieres (for GOT PARTIES!) and will retail for around $20 a pop.

We’ll drink to that:

This isn’t the first time a TV show or movie has inspired a beverage line (non-al or otherwise). Check out some of these other drinks inspired by fiction:

Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice – Harry Potter

I have yet to get my paws on a frosty stein of Butterbeer from Universal Orlando, though I will admit to have trying some DIY recipes I discovered online. . .

The adorable design alone is enough to get my wallet opening itself up and forking over however many dollars required for a bottle of every wizard’s drink of choice.

Duff Beer and Buzz Cola – The Simpsons

Buzz Cola was briefly available nationwide around the time The Simpsons Movie splashed its way onto movie screens. Though if you’re desperate for a taste, Universal Orlando will make your dreams come true at Moe’s Tavern.

Same goes for Duff Beer, also available in Duff Lite and Duff Dry. Those Floridians have all the luck. Minus the gators and the whole snakes-overrunning-their-state thing.

Booty Sweat – Tropic Thunder

At one point you could chug down the energy drink hawked by rapper Alpa Chino. And with a name like “Booty Sweat” who wouldn’t be enticed?

Slurm – Futurama

This energy drink was inspired by the most popular soft drink in the Futurama universe, Slurm. It had a limited run so most of us will probably never get a taste. And with a spokesman like Slurms McKenzie and the fact that we all know Slurm is really pretty much just the Worm Queen’s poop, I’m sad that taste will never come.

Tru Blood True Blood

This came out a few years ago around peak True Blood madness. It’s essentially just a soda that looks like blood. Vampire fans alike would no doubt fall in love and think it’s just O-positively delicious.

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