Hold it right there, unicorn-themed food trend. A new, galaxy-themed bagel is in town to give you a run for your money.

Oh, yes, you read that right: The galaxy bagel brings space-age beauty to a breakfast classic, and we definitely need to get our hands on one, like, a lightyear ago.

The bagel is made up of black, blue, and purple dough all swirled together (like, say, a spiral galaxy?!) and topped with pink and blue edible glitter.

Because if there’s anything Guardians of the Galaxy has taught us, it’s that space is ~sparkly AF~.

The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York is responsible for this otherworldly creation. They’re no stranger to creating food that goes viral: They made a rainbow bagel in 2016 that took the internet by storm.

Once again, the store has people flocking to eat (and photograph) the extra-terrestrial food. We can hardly blame them.

Oh, and if you’re dying for a galaxy bagel of your own and you’re not NYC-based, don’t fret, because an intergalactic treat such as this one is for everyone. If you can’t stop by their store at 754 Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn, you can order online at

Okay, we’ll definitely take a dozen!