We're currently trying to figure out how we can make our way to London because we want to be one with FriendsFest.

Since Comedy Central just signed a deal that allows them to exclusively play Friends in the U.K., they thought they'd celebrate by doing something REALLY AMAZING. Specifically, they've decided to – drum roll, please! – recreate parts of the Friends set so that fans can visit and selfie the night away!

For the launch, James Michael Tyler (who played Gunther, of course) was there to welcome guests/new friends. Also – he dyed his hair blonde for the occasion, which is a form of dedication that we can definitely get behind. For those who couldn't make it to the event's debut, this wonderful man recorded a welcome message that plays on the TV set just inside the entrance. So don't worry, you can still get your Gunther fix in all its glory.

"Comedy Central's FriendsFest brings together some of the most iconic sets and props from the show and I'm certain fans will love," Tyler told Metro. "I feel extremely nostalgic being back in Monica's apartment and Central Perk." We're not even there and we can still feel this beautiful sense of nostalgia all the way across the ocean. Next up, Londoners can enter a world where Friends will definitely be there for you. There's a mini version of Joey and Chandler's apartment, the world-renowned Central Perk couch, and an impeccably detailed version of Monica's apartment. (At this point, we're desperately searching for plane tickets.) Oh – and did we mention that there are original props for your viewing pleasure? You can take a moment (or two) to laugh at Phoebe's Buffay The Vampire Layer, read Monica and Chandler's wedding vows, and reminisce as you observe the iconic ceramic dog named Pat. And don't forget: you can sit on the actual Central Perk couch in all its orange glory. There's even a WiFi passcode displayed on the wall so that you can easily Instagram, Facebook, Tweet, and Snapchat to your heart's content.

Then – as if all of this wasn't amazing enough – you can order a coffee inside the café, take part in a rousing game of foosball, or wander into the pop-up "Rachel" blow dry salon. Essentially, all your needs will be met at this event, so why leave?

Now, we have some bad news (and slightly good news to follow): the event is sold out and is only going to be around until September 20th. BUT Comedy Central is hosting exclusive competitions on Twitter, so you can still win some tickets and skip all the way to The Boiler House on Brick Lane (which is where the event is majestically being held).

If Comedy Central wants to continue celebrating, we definitely wouldn't mind a worldwide FriendsFest tour.

[Images via Twitter]