Attention all 90s kids! Your mornings are about to get better, because French Toast Crunch is BACK! General Mills announced that the super popular and deliciously sugary cereal will return to grocery store shelves in late January. This breaking news obviously means that ’90s kids around the world can finally start eating breakfast again. The beloved cereal met its demise in 2006, much to the dismay of cereal fans everywhere (probably not much to the dismay of parents, though). But thanks to a successful Facebook campaign, the cinnamon and sugar cereal is making a triumphant comeback. That’s social media at its finest! Let the French Toast Crunch return countdown begin! Happy Monday, everyone.

For now the cereal will only be available in select grocery stores, but come January the box o’ goodness will go national. The packaging has been slightly updated—the cartoon dude who used to pour maple syrup over the mini-toasties apparently didn’t have the staying power of, say, the Trix rabbit. But who cares what’s on the box. What matters is what’s in it.

For old time’s (and new time’s) sake:

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