Natalia Lusinski
May 21, 2016 10:21 am

There might be bad news for anyone who loves to wake up and start the day by making a cup of coffee with a French press.

A professor at Harvard’s School of Public Health wants more studies done to see if French press coffee does, indeed, have ill health effects, according to ABC7 Eyewitness News. This comes after an article in the Harvard Health Letter questioned if the lack of filtration in a french press could be dangerous. The DL? Some studies have revealed that unfiltered coffee may increase “bad” cholesterol and that we may be drinking unhealthy compounds that would ordinarily be filtered out. Uh…

ICYMI, french press coffee differs from making a regular pot of coffee (what happened to that concept, anyway?!) in that you pour boiling water over your coarsely ground coffee, let it sit for a few (the longer, the stronger), then strain it by pushing down the device’s mesh plunger. suggests that it should be consumed right away, aka within 20 minutes, or else it’ll get bitter from over-extraction. That’s quick. Who knew?!

Of course, even before the above findings, not everyone’s a french press fan. For instance, some people don’t care for the sediments left behind, since the French press filter’s obvs not the same as a coffee filter.

But for those of us who own french presses adore them, even if occasional grounds escape and get into the coffee sometimes. (Practice makes perfect.) Plus, there are all kinds of french presses, just like there are all kinds of coffee varieties (strong roast, flavored, etc.). And the presses are so fun to use, not to mention make deliciously strong coffee, so I really hope further studies prove that we can keep using them with no ill side effects.

Brb, going to go make another pot while I still can.