Real Simple
Updated Jun 20, 2017 @ 11:37 am

Things are getting heated in the digital world after the release of this very controversial chart. It ranks all the styles of French fries from best to worst, and people are freaking out. Smiley Fries as the last slot of the list is a blow to most people’s childhoods. Garlic fries sound like a date-night out of a horror movie. There’s a fry named after a shoestring, and it ranked better than steak fries. The resentment doesn’t stop there. Here are just a few quotes from some very hurt foodies on our staff:

“I believe that the sweet potato fry is one of the best modern inventions, however, I do not believe it has a place on this list. To have me rank a sweet potato against a regular russet is pure evil.” —Liz Steelman, editorial assistant

“British Chips coming in at #11? Rubbish! They deserve more respect than that. Also, where are the Disco Fries? I reject the validity of this chart.” —Brenda Dargan-Levy, digital managing editor

“Curly fries are #1. Sorry. It’s the truth that y’all can’t handle.” —Hannah Norling, assistant producer

“Sweet potatoes are too good to turn into ‘fries.’ I think it TOTALLY ruins the glorious flavor of sweet potatoes.” —Rebecca Longshore, social media manager

“I don’t think garlic, cheese, and chili cheese fries should even be on this list because they’re toppings.” —Sarah Yang, lifestyle editor

“Waffle fries would be third on the list because I love how they are almost like chips and you can really load up on the dip if you want. I also just like the way most waffle fries taste on their own.” —Rebecca Longshore, social media manager

“There’s nothing quite so nostalgic as a large carton of crinkle-cut fries from Del Taco.” —Blake Bakkila, editorial assistant

So, what do you have to say about this official ranking? In a world of constant injustice, will you stand for this?