Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Jun 17, 2016 @ 8:43 am
coffee beans
Credit: Shutterstock

Coffee makes the world go round, and we’ll take it any way we can get, but we might have just found the secret to making it better than ever. A study published in Scientific Reports found a super easy trick for giving your coffee more flavor, and it’s something we can all do at home: freeze the beans.

Other than sounding like a really good band name, freezing your beans results in narrower particle size when they’re ground (as opposed to grinding beans at room temperature), which allows for a more universal distribution. According to the New York Times, this creates a bolder flavor and, all in all, a better cup of coffee.

Of course, you can’t just toss ’em in the freezer and wander off. You need to make sure your coffee beans are in an airtight container so they don’t get that freezer burn taste, or even worse, the taste of the frozen chicken breast sitting next to them.

The study found that this method is effective regardless of what kind of coffee beans you’re using. Plus, it’s such an easy trick (that, bonus, clears up cabinet space) that why wouldn’t you give it a go? Impress your friends with Starbucks-quality brews in the comfort of your own kitchen!