Rachel Paige
Updated April 30, 2015 7:34 am

Snack alert! Carvel is giving out free ice cream cones all day long. Yes, you read that correctly, FREE ice cream cones!

Because Carvel is good and kind and wise, they’ll be handing out free junior-sized cones between 3pm and 8pm across the US on this very day. Why? Don’t ask questions, just eat.

You can choose from vanilla, chocolate, or — BRACE YOURSELVES — Nutella soft-serve. If trying Nutella-flavored ice cream has been on your to-do list (it’s on mine), today is the day to cross it off. The flavor is only a limited-time thing, and it’ll disappear on May 31st of this year. And we already mentioned that it’s free today. So go get yours, gurl.

Carvel is also offering a special $20 value coupon book for only $2. If that’s not a great deal already, all proceeds from the book will go to the American Red Cross disaster relief efforts. So basically, you can eat ice cream and do your part. We’re so in.

You can find the nearest Carvel location to you here. Happy Free Cone Day!

Image via here.