Daryl Lindsey
March 09, 2017 11:38 am

You know what would probably make your day better? Ice Cream. And lucky for you, you can get a free ice cream cone this month at Dairy Queen.

Free food holidays are essentially what keep the world from falling off its axis – I mean, could we ~live~ without National Pancake Day, Donut Day, or Coffee Day? – so you’re basically just doing your part as a citizen of planet Earth by participating.

You can grab yourself a free ice cream cone at Dairy Queen locations all over the U.S. on Monday, March 20th.

The deal is limited to one small soft-serve per customer, but, like, it’s free, so you don’t need to feel disappointed or anything.

Dairy Queen is partnering with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for National Free Ice Cream Day, and encourages anyone who stops in for a soft-serve to make a donation to the charity’s fund.

Ice cream AND helping children in need? We’re sold.