Today in Really Awesome Things, we’re here to tell you that Frappuccino Happy Hour is HAPPENING. All week long. At Starbucks. From 3-5pm and a bonus round from 5-6pm for Starbucks Rewards members. So get your drank on, because it only lasts until the 10th of May!

Oh, and if you’re not totally sure what to get (we get it, we can’t handle all the choices either), may we recommend the newest Starbucks creation? The S’mores Frap is basically summer in a plastic cup: It’s toasty, sweet, filled with marshmallow-y goodness and graham cracker fairy dust, and OH YEAH —it comes with a cookie straw.

So, if you’re plan on treating yourself this week, what better way than to treat yourself to a Frappuccino? Better yet — a half-off Frappuccino? (Answer: there is probably not better way, let’s be real.)

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