Credit: Robb Shandroff/Ample Hills

If you enjoy eating food just a little bit, you’ve probably heard of the Food & Wine Classic, a culinary event which takes place every year in Aspen, Colorado. The event is run by maybe the greatest foodie magazine around, Food & Wine. Of course, good eats are always on the menu. But this year, the foodie fest is pulling out all the stops in honor of its 35th anniversary. And it’s even gone so far to create its own ice cream flavor.

It’s called I Wanna Rocky Road All Night.

After hearing the delicious description, we want to eat a pint every night.

The special-edition flavor features dark chocolate ice cream swirled with white chocolate, studded with marshmallows and clusters of chocolate-covered potato chips.

Credit: Robb Shandroff/Ample Hills

I Wanna Rocky Road All Night was created in collaboration with Brooklyn’s Ample Hills Creamery, an ice cream shop famous for its fun and ingenious flavors. While the flavor sounds amazing already, there’s actually a reason behind the unusual combination.

The white swirls in the dark chocolate ice cream are meant to represent the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The marshmallows represent the white tents of the F&W Classic. Finally, the crunchy chips are meant to represent the potato-farming tradition of the town of Aspen.

Credit: Ample Hills

If you’re not lucky enough to have tickets to the fancy-schmancy F&W Classic, don’t fret. You can still enjoy the incredible-sounding new flavor by ordering it off the Ample Hills website. It comes in a pack of four, and in addition to two pints of the rocky road remix, you’ll also get a pint each of Ooey Gooey Butter Cake and Chocolate Milk & Cookies. (Take it from us, they’re totally worth the cost of shipping.)