You don’t have to have topped out a 5 on the AP U.S. History exam to know the truest fact about America of all: We are really, really good at eating food. But some of us can see beyond the fried chicken and cherry pies into a whole new dimension of noms, which is exactly what this father-son duo who made a food pun map of the U.S. did.

This was clearly a team effort because little boys are champions at eating food, and dads are infamous for the puns that made our faces cringe before we even knew what cringing was. Fortunately, this dad is using his pun-tasticness to serve the greater good. Chris Durso, father and owner of the food culture site, said that the idea for the “Foodnited States Of America” came from his eight-year-old son. This is a kid I need to meet immediately because I feel like we could have some pretty long philosophical discussions about the indecision I face when confronted with all 31 flavors of Baskin-Robbins ice cream.

In order to get all of these fantastic shots, Durso and his son had to spend hours dreaming up food puns for all of the fifty states, at which point they set their plan into action by not only collecting the food in question, but carefully arranging it to look exactly like the state it represented. How they accomplished this feat without just breaking down and eating everything in front of them is beyond me, but they clearly have stronger willpower than I do (particularly with the state of Nutellaware). Basically if all fifty states don’t immediately adopt all of these new names then I’m afraid I don’t have as much faith in our nation as I thought I did. Take a look at some of their newly improved and delicious states of America:

(Images from here.)