So who’s planning on having some pie tomorrow? I’m guessing all of us. I mean, if there’s one thing Thanksgiving is known for other than turkey (and being thankful and all) it’s PIE.

The love of pie is pretty much a universal thing (because yum!), but things start to get a little dicey once the subject of flavors comes up. Aunt Sue loves pumpkin, but Dad loves cherry. Meanwhile, Grandma has her heart set on pecan. Before you know it, the dining room table is sagging beneath the weight of dozens of pies. I am not even joking when I say the pie to person ratio in my house is usually 2 to 1. We’re talking whole pies, not slices. I might need a pie-making intervention. (Spoiler alert: I totally do.)

I’m a firm believer in the theory that a mountain of whipped topping makes any pie palatable, but let’s face it. We all have our faves. Mine is cherry (nom nom nom), and apparently that puts me in the overwhelming minority. (For real? What’s wrong with you guys?!) Delta Dental Plans Association just released its very first Annual Thanksgiving Pie Ranking (because dentists know things about sweets, ya’ll), and cherry didn’t fare too well. Only 5% of Americans polled said it was their fave. Fine. That just leaves more for me (#winning).

What was the big winner, you ask? Drumroll, please! PUMPKIN. And it won by a landslide. 37% of poll participants want to chow down on pumpkin pie tomorrow. So, um, you might want to swing by the store tonight and pick up another one. Just a suggestion. Second place went to apple pie with 16% of the votes, followed closely by pecan at 14%. Here are the rest of the results, presented in a pie chart obviously:

Those results are pretty informative. I’m guessing if you’re part of the 2% that dig strawberry, you’d better bring your own pie to Thanksgiving. (Side note: my Grandpa requested a strawberry pie for Thanksgiving one year. I made one for him, and it was awesome.)

The study didn’t stop there, though. The Delta Dental Plans Association figured out what kind of people were more likely to prefer what kinds of pie. For instance, more women like pumpkin and more men like cherry. (So I’m guessing it will be me and a bunch of dudes noshing on cherry pie tomorrow.) Sweet potato pie is a big winner in the South, whereas Northerners are all about apple. Set your eyeballs on the full results here. A whopping 43 percent of humans from the West and Midwest love pumpkin pie best. And apple pie? A big northeast favorite. You can read the results in full right here.

In the meantime, pass the cherry. Come on, I know you don’t want it anyway.

[Images via Shutterstock and @DeltaDental on Twitter.]