Finally! Probably after wanting a dislike button, wanting to get rid of all those Farmville and Candy Crush notifications is the biggest complaint people have when it comes to Facebook. Once again, Mark Zuckerberg heard our prayers, and announced that soon we’ll be able to opt-out of those notifications. Peace at last!

There’s nothing worse than seeing you have a notification, thinking you’re hearing from a friend, and then discovering it’s just your aunt inviting you to some ninja game. Don’t get me wrong — ninja games are awesome, but if I want to play one, I’ll find one. This was pretty much the reasoning behind making this change. That, and Zuckerberg noticed a proposition to deal with these annoying invites was the most up-voted post in an online discussion board.

At a question and answer session at the Indian Institute of Technology, he spoke about the plan to make game requests less annoying:

It’s not clear when exactly the new feature will be available, but I think we’ll know when we finally hear the sound of silence on our news feeds.