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The debate whether to leave butter out on the counter or put it in the fridge is ongoing. While the battle may continues on twitter, we now know that some experts say you can leave butter out safely and not worry about it spoiling!

While it is still a matter of personal preference, according to some experts, you can leave salted butter out in a butter crock or a similar airtight container for up to two weeks.

Two weeks?!!

Of course, there are caveats. Leaving butter at room temp should ONLY be done with salted butter. Salted butter has a higher sodium content, and the sodium is another thing that keeps bacteria at bay. Also, the FDA isn’t in agreement on this number, so…butter out at your own risk.


Even though it seemssafe to leave the salted butter out, it is crucial to leave it in an airtight container or else it will definitely spoil. A butter crock or butter bell is definitely a cute addition to your counter top if you are a person who likes to leave your butter out.

And you better stay cool.

But if for some reason your kitchen is over 70 degrees, you must refrigerate your butter, no matter what type of butter it is. Obviously, if you need to leave butter out to soften for cooking (because you can’t bake chocolate chip cookies with cold butter) that is okay.


Even with this new information about butter, it is still a hilariously divisive subject. People are either staunchly for or against leaving butter out. People who are against putting butter in the refrigerator take serious offense to those who do.


Regardless of how you feel about your butter temperature, butter is always bae. And honestly, it is really awful to spread cold butter on toast.