There’s now an Etsy for coffee-lovers

I’ll be bold and say that coffee is that backbone of America. It keeps us awake, it tastes delicious, and people are willing to pay $5 for a cup for it if it’s frothed with soy milk. Globally, our coffee consumption has more than doubled in the past 40 years. But despite the fact that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world in a single day, few people know where their coffee is coming from. And as the U.S. slowly but surely becomes more and more interested and invested in artisanal food products, people want to know where their coffee is coming from. That’s where Vega Coffee, the new Etsy of coffee, comes in.

Vega Coffee is a fairly new startup, working out of New York and Nicaragua. The creators of the company identified the problem. Rob Terenzi, a co-founder of Vega Coffee, explained to the Huffington Post,”We kept thinking about this idea — farmer-roasted coffee — because it was such an obvious problem to us. If you look at a chart comparing the price that consumers are paying for a cup of coffee over the last five to seven years to how much farmers are earning, they are exactly inverse. Prices are going up and farmers are earning less.”

And so Vega Coffee was born. Terenzi explains their thought process pretty plainly. “The idea was to have middleman-free coffee.” Their system of growing, roasting, and packaging the coffee themselves gives farmers in Nicaragua a chance to make more money off of the process. Vega Coffee’s website walks the buyer step-by-step through the growing, harvesting, and roasting process. “Vega Coffee was founded on the audacious idea that the very same farmers who not only plant, harvest, pick, wash, depulp, dry, hull, sort, grade polish and pack the incredible coffee we drink every day, could roast and package it too.”

Just like when you buy a super cool needlepoint from someone on Etsy. The person who’s selling it to you, made it! So when you go to the Vega Coffee website, you place your order directly with the farmer’s, and the coffee shows up in your mailbox within days.

Congratulations guys, on a super awesome system that puts money in the hands of those that are actually growing the coffee!

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