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The McDonald’s secret menu is basically a real-life Chopped challenge for fast foodies. It requires mass amounts of creativity, skill, and a stroke of genius to craft some of these mind-blowing concoctions. In fact, some of these combinations look fresh out of a fine restaurant kitchen or a kitschy bakery than a drive thru. Others don’t score quite so high on the presentation scale, but they still look ~dayum~ delicious.

While people tend to either love or hate the iconic fast food chain, some of these secret menu offerings may change a few minds. As in, those who already love McDonald’s are going to officially adore it, and those who might not have acquired a taste for the chain may find themselves being drawn in by the tasty likes of Apple Pie McFlurrys or Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches. Nommm.

Without further ado, here are a few of the most mind-blowing inventions from the (unofficial) McDonald’s Secret menu.

1Apple Pie McFlurry

Blend one of those heavenly apple pies with any McFlurry of your choosing, and a truly divine dessert is the result.

2McDonald’s McCrepe

Who knew combining a yogurt parfait with hotcakes and syrup could yield such an exotic dish?

3The Quadruple McMuffin

With four patties piled on there, this is no average Sausage Egg McMuffin.

4Caramel Apple Sundae

A tasty dessert with a little healthy twist, this sweet treat is a combination of a caramel sundae with McDonald’s apple slices and a side of peanuts.

5McDonald’s Soda Float

Sweet and simple, you can make a mean old-fashioned soda with just a regular sundae and your favorite soda.

6Chicken Bacon Egg Salad

Now this is a clever one, folks. Take advantage of your local Mickey D’s new 24/7 breakfast by ordering a side of eggs with your Bacon Ranch Salad with grilled chicken. Bam!

7Big McChicken

Hate bread? Then great news! This colossal dish replaces those pesky buns with fried chicken in this carnivorous chow-down. To construct this bad boy, you’ll need three McChickens and a Big Mac.


Two Egg McMuffins with the tops removed and covered in Mac sauce.

9The Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

This is a summery treat that can’t be beat! Just ask for a little soft serve between two chocolate cookies, and voilà.

10Chicken Parm Sandwich

Order a plain chicken sandwich and top with mozzarella sticks and a side of marinara. Yum!

11Neapolitan Milkshake

Blend chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla soft serve into one artistic confection.

12The Land, Sea, and Air Burger

Aptly named, this monstrously large sandwich combines the best of a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and a McChicken into one taste bud tantalizing experience.