Credit: Delish/YouTube

No matter what your fortune reads, this giant, decadent fortune cookie needs to be in your future.

We’re all familiar that traditional fortune cookies are a staple of popular American Chinese food, and most people know them as the small, plastic-wrapped cookies they crack open after devouring takeout.

But at Tao Asian Bistro, the fortune cookie becomes its own full, delicious experience.

Customers break open the oversized cookies with spoons instead of hands. Inside, they find more than just a fortune: The cookie is filled with white and dark chocolate mousse and surrounded by fresh fruit. Chefs only have 30 seconds to shape the dough into the large cookie, otherwise it becomes too brittle.

Unlike its tiny, pre-packaged counterparts, this dessert isn’t free: It’ll set you back $14. After watching the video, we think it’s more than worth it.