Credit: Shutterstock/ Irena Aleksandrova

The internet is full of weird and wonderful things. So when we discovered that people were freaking out over a giant vat of Cinnabon frosting on Twitter, we can’t say we were surprised.

Yesterday, a Twitter user from Toronto who goes by the name Craig Calhoun posted a photo of a man traveling with a 30-gallon barrel of Cinnabon icing.

It’s unclear where the man, who has a serene smile on his face — like anyone with so much frosting in their possession would — might be going with so much sugary goodness.

We have plenty of questions, but of course, the internet has answers.

First, let’s take a look at the original tweet. false

People immediately responded, noting Cinnabon guy’s possessive grip on the tub.

His celebrity was instantly recognized….

…and his bravery admired.

And it wasn’t long before the theories of the mysterious icing-loving man rolled in.

Some quickly jumped to the conclusion that there was some shadiness going on. false

While others just assumed this guy was *all of us* binge-eating on a particularly bad day.

Others questioned why Taco Bell needed so much Cinnabon frosting in the first place.

And Twitter user @mythey came up with a pretty plausible reason.

Still, many have chosen to believe what they want about Cinnabon guy: that he’s an international man of mystery.

Cinnabon man, please come to a city near us soon!!