Mar 16, 2014 @ 7:00 am

It turns out this is one of those strange things that a few dogs do. I had never seen it before today, but according to Sophie's mama, this is a trait these English Bulldogs have:

Sophie stunned us with her fantastic rolling abilities one day and continued to do this for a few months in different areas of my yard. Usually she just throws herself onto her back and rolls. I did not teach her to do this as my rolling skills are not as good.She threw herself down on the ground and rolled down the hill. I picked her up, terrified that she had 'fallen' down this hill but I put her back down and she just did it again and again, 4 more times with such gusto we realized she was just having a ball! We were a bit afraid that she had 'issues' but she's perfectly fine. We contacted the breeder and it turns out Sophie's mother did the same thing!