embroidered cookies
Credit: Instagram

Who said cookies can’t be a wondrous piece of art? Judit Czinkne Poor, the Hungarian chef also affectionately known as Mézesmanna, is changing the way we think about desserts by giving the world the most beautiful embroidered cookies you’ll ever see.

Almost too pretty to eat, right? (Almost…) Mézesmanna’s Instagram account boasts an endless amount of cookies covered in colorful lace, tasteful floral patterns, and cute little animals. If you didn’t know they were cookies, you would think you were staring at paintings that belong in an art gallery.

Pictures are just the beginning, though. This genius of a pastry chef also has a YouTube channel, and each short video proves that each cookie she puts her hands on is a labor of love. Your jaw will drop when you see just how small her canvas is, and how many incredible details she manages to display on it.

Hopefully we’ll see much more of Mézesmanna’s talent in the near future. In the meantime, have fun exploring her social media accounts — and dreaming about how delicious a pile of those lacy cookies might be on your lunch break.