There’s joy in someone else making you a cup of coffee. Sure, we’ve all got coffee makers, and Keruig brewers, and French presses, and instant coffee in packages, but there’s something awesome heading into a coffee shop and having your coffee brewed for you. The only downside to this is that you’ve actually got to leave your house and go to that coffee shop. But now, thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts, we might not have to actually leave the house to get that perk. How’d you like your coffee delivered to you?

Is this the best thing, or THE BEST THING? Bear in mind, this wonderful idea is still a little ways down the road, but if DD has their way, we won’t have to actually go down the road to get coffee.

Last week, at at Dunkin’ Donuts media event (which I was actually lucky enough to attend) the company touched on the idea of a coffee delivery system. That’s their ultimate goal, but they’ve gotta perfect something else first: mobile ordering.

Through the Dunkin’ Donuts app, along with their DD Perks program, eventually you’ll be able to order your coffee ahead of time and pick it up at your convenience. The company is thinking about doing this in highly-congested areas and for stores that don’t have a drive-thru. By ordering ahead, you’ll not only save time of waiting, but DD will be able to make the line inside the store shorter for those who are waiting. It’s a win-win for everyone.

This will all be through the app and DD Perks, and Dunkin’ Donuts is expected to start rolling this out as early as next year (which, is only three months away). If that tests goes well, soon order-ahead will be available nationwide.

AND THEN, it’ll be time to focus on coffee delivery. Dunkin’ is thinking about delivery programs for places that are hit with crazy weather — like the location of its headquarters, Massachusetts. Remember the 35′ of snow last year? Remember how you didn’t want to go outside in the snow to get coffee? With the delivery option, brave Dunkin’ Donuts employees (the same way Chipotle delivers) will trudge through the snow so you don’t have to leave your warm and comfy couch.

No idea on how the coffee will stay hot during its trip through the snow, but that’s something we can worry about later. For now, let’s keep dreaming about the day we can get coffee delivered right to our front door.

(Image via Dunkin’ Donuts.)