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July 20, 2017 8:00 am
Instagram/Drunk Jelly

There’s a reason a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is an iconic lunch mainstay; the salty and sweet combination is too tasty to resist. While delicious, there’s no denying that PB and J sandwiches are a bit ahem, childish, but that’s where new wine jelly comes in. A new brand called Drunk Jelly is making merlot, rosé, pinot noir (and more!) jellies. While the jellies are called “drunk,” they’re totally non-alcoholic and is created by infusing jelly with wine. The yummy wine flavors look just as vibrant and tasty as traditional grape or strawberry, but it’s infinitely more grown up.

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According to the company website, Drunk Jelly was dreamed up by founder Marty Millman while she was having a picnic lunch with her boyfriend, Danny. “While we were devouring a yummy charcuterie board, glass of wine in hand of course, the idea of wine jelly came to us (any excuse for adding more wine to our day seemed like a no-brainer),” the website says. “It led us on a journey to create the most tasty wine jelly ever using our favorite wines.”

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There are enough flavors for sale to cover everyone’s favorite. In addition to merlot, rosé, and pinot noir, Drunk Jelly also makes cabernet sauvignon, moscato, pinot grigio, and chardonnay. The jars sell for between $6 and $9 individually, but sets are available as well. A pack of all seven flavors runs for $55. Perhaps a bit pricey for a typical lunch at the beach, but would make a winning gift for the jelly and booze lover in your life.

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Anyone who wants to scoop up a jar or two (or all seven) can purchase them through the Drunk Jelly website, or on Etsy.