Rachel Paige
September 10, 2015 3:35 am

Are you familiar with Drunk History? Like many other amazing things out there, it started as a joke on the internet. Someone got drunk, and recounted American history. It was so funny, they made a TV show following that model and aired it on Comedy Central. Now, that same idea has gotten even funnier, and is giving us major feels. How? Well, there’s one fantastic couple out there who decided to take the Drunk History framework, and create a faux episode all about their romance. Basically, they got drunk, and then detailed their relationship history for the world to hear.

Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins got married this past weekend, and decided they didn’t feel like dealing with the redundant question, “How did you two meet?” In the hopes of bypassing that question entirely, they decided to make a Drunk History style vid, answering that very question. With the help of their friends (and lots of alcohol) they explain everything from the moment they first locked eyes to their first date.

BUT, it’s not just the two of them, sitting around, getting drunk, and staring at the camera, The Office style. Nope, they do it up just like the real Drunk History, so while Justin and Jillian are narrating, their friends step in to act it all out. And it is GLORIOUS. Like, not only are they telling a sweet story about how they met, but it’s also a hilarious story, and they’re drunk, and these two are clearly very in love, and WE LOVE IT.

It also helps that they first met while he was an adorable bow-tie wearing magician, and she a sassy photographer who actually made the first move. (She’s still a photographer, but Willman you might recognize as a stand up comedian and also the host of Cupcake Wars). You’ll laugh at their story, you might cry, just be careful, because the bride-to-be drops a few swear words here and there. Check out our new favorite Drunk History below.

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[Image via YouTube]