It’s Friday, the weekend is in sight, and I know what you’re all thinking: What would a potato look like if it were dressed up like a little girl? I read your mind, right?

Well, your curiosity is about it be sated, courtesy of Roberta Bernardo. “Who?” you may be asking. A weaver of dreams and dresser of potatoes, that’s who.

Roberta was at the store recently, when she noticed that one of the potatoes she was buying looked a lot like, if not a person, a person-like entity. A head with something that could be a nose, two little arms, a tapered body. OK, it’s kind of more like a manatee than a human, but still — it looked like a potato body.

What does one do when they find such a glorious root vegetable?

“I brought it home and I washed and dressed it,” Roberta wrote on Facebook. “I love my potato.”

Same, Roberta, same.

Without further ado, here’s what her frite friend looks like all done up:

Keep an eye out next time you’re picking up produce — you might find a potato totally ready for a makeover.

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(Images via Facebook)