Credit: Instagram

There are plenty of Instagram accounts out there featuring dogs— but how many feature dogs as food bloggers? Only one that we know of (and are now absolutely obsessed with). Popeye The Foodie is “a rescue mutt from the Los Angeles area who loves to dine out with his humans,” and he is adorable.

“I found him as a stray,” Popeye’s owner Ivy told Bored Panda as she shared the story behind his Instagram account:

With over 40,000 Instagram followers, it’s clear Popeye is made for the camera (and food). We can’t wait to see what pictures he takes next! Below are some of our favorites:

We’re not sure what’s more adorable, the cake or the pup

If only we looked this cute when salivating over fast food

OMG, his bib matches the sage

It seriously looks like he’s posing

What a fancy pup

Popeye should totally be a Sanrio character

We’d be licking our lips, too

That face!

What a hipster

Never has green juice looked so attractive

Tiny hat! Tiny hat!

What a gentleman

Popeye takes his themed attire seriously

A bowtie, a puppy, and a crepe? Dreams do come true.