dog cupcake

When it comes to cupcakes, we have a lot of feelings. All of them good, obviously. In fact, I might actually be surrounded by cupcakes right now. (I totally am. I do most of my writing at a lovely cupcake bakery in my hood, because how can you not be inspired when everything smells like sugar and frosting?)

As much as cupcakes give us a serious case of heart eyes, the bulldog in the video below isn’t so sure. He’s got some doubts, ya’ll. Big time.

It’s obviously the sweet dog’s birthday, and TBH he’s probably just wondering why someone set his dessert on fire. He couldn’t be this dubious about what looks like a perfectly yum cupcake. I’m thinking all his pouncing around, growling and adorable unease has more to do with the inferno on top of it. He’s so stressed that he gets his yoga on and flops into a (literal) downward dog position.

Poor guy. And he probably doesn’t even know about birthday spankings either. (Shh. No one tell him.)

(Image and video via YouTube.)