The next time you break out the world’s best fruit to whip up one of your favorite dishes, do so at your own risk. No, seriously — doctors really want you to be careful next time you slice an avocado. In fact, so many people have gone to the emergency room after cutting themselves that the epidemic has been dubbed “avocado hand.”

Doctors have reported a “post brunch” surge in victims on Saturdays (yes, really). But, in all seriousness, the injury can actually cause serious tendon and nerve damage.

Some people require surgery and they may never regain full use of the affected hand. Yikes.

The injury has become so common that doctors are now calling for safety warning stickers to be put on the fruit.

Eccles would know — he treats approximately four avocado-hand injuries per week.

But don’t despair — this doesn’t mean you have to (*gasp*) keep avocados out of your kitchen at all costs. There’s actually a fairly straightforward method to cutting the fruit that’ll ensure you make a killer brunch dish or batch of guacamole without taking a trip to the emergency room.

Place the avocado on a flat surface with your hand on top and gently make incisions around the outside. When de-stoning the fruit, wrap it in a towel and leave only the stone exposed.

So, there you have it. Enjoy your avocado, but cut with caution — a trip to the hospital would seriously put a damper on brunch.