Disney has brought its fans branded goodies in the past, like gold-dusted churros that you (and Captain Jack Sparrow) couldn’t keep your thieving pirate hands off of, and a Beauty and the Beast pop-up restaurant where the gray stuff truly was delicious. The most recent Instagrammable frenzy is over lightsaber churros. Whether you are Sith or Jedi, or have no idea what those things are, Disneyland in California has you covered. According to the Disney Food Blog, the Churro Cart in Tomorrowland, just outside of Star Tours, is dishing up Star Wars lightsaber churros coated in colored sanding sugar. The only decision you need to make is whether you will choose good or evil, but it’s true what they say, the dark side clearly has it’s sugary perks.

After appearing online on May the Fourth (the unofficial Star Wars day), it looks like the sweet treats are going to be available the whole month of May. The lightsaber churros, which go for $4.50, don’t light up and won’t take off your enemy’s arm, but they are served warm and coated in edible stars—which is far better. They come with cutesy cardboard sleeves that look like the actual lightsaber handles so you can battle your friends, but mostly so you can eat them without your fingers changing colors or getting covered in delicious sugar.