Gowri Chandra
Updated August 24, 2016
Karolina Slota / instagram.com/jail

Coffee: It’s so, so good – until it’s bad. You know what we’re talking about. That second, third, or fifth cup that just doesn’t do it for you, and wrecks your stomach. The jitters. The acidity.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our morning joe, but sometimes we need to detox from it.

If you’re taking a break from java, there are of course your standard non-coffee options like tea, hot chocolate, yerba mate, and even Teecino (a coffee substitute that comes in teabag form) – and we love all of these. Sometimes though, you just want something a little special.

That’s when the following yummy drinks come in handy, since they’re just as ceremonious as your favorite frothy latte. Plus, you can make them at home, no espresso machine needed! (But a blender is involved.)

1. Raw Cacao and Goji Berry Superfood “Latte”

Now this drink doesn’t taste like coffee, and it’s not supposed to. But guys, listen up, we’ve made it, and it is seriously one of our favorite libations ever. If you only make one of these three drinks from this article, make it this one. It’s so comforting, so warm, so rich – all while being sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

It only has a handful of ingredients – among them goji berries, cacao (the raw form of cocoa), almond/coconut milk, dates, and a dollop of coconut oil – and you just throw them all in the blender after heating them up on the stove. The coconut oil gives it a grounding richness while the goji berry perfumes it like WOAH. (Goji berries can be a bit pricey, but we don’t recommend skipping them in this recipe! The flavor is completely different without them.)

2. Raw Food “Latte” with Almond Butter

Okay, so here’s the thing: Unlike the above beverage, this recipe actually does taste like coffee, and it’s quite uncanny. No, it’s not nearly as strong or astringent as coffee, but that’s the point. The almond butter and maca (a pulverized root, different from matcha) really carry the flavor here. You’d never guess, upon first sip, that the drink contained either, but they’re both responsible for its awesome flavor.

It’s pictured above with added almond milk + cacao nibs + chili powder, so when you make this, it will be much darker until you add creamer to it (totally up to you!).

The ingredient list to this recipe might look a bit long. The ingredients can also get pricey – especially if you buy fresh, organic almond butter and maca powder and ashwaganda. When we made this, we omitted the ashwaganda and it still tasted surprisingly like coffee. However, don’t skip the maca powder because it lends a bitterness that is very coffee-like.

3. Matcha “Latte”

Okay, green tea lattes are all the rage these days, thanks to Starbucks, but this version is awesome because it’s much lower on sugar, and has a satisfying creaminess thanks to – wait for it – tahini? Yes.

Laura at The First Mess blog is kind of our hero and a complete culinary genius.

Our only suggestion to this recipe is, if you’re craving a sizable jolt of caffeine, feel free to add way more matcha powder than the recipe calls for (it calls for 1 tsp). We may or may not have like, quadrupled the amount. We’re going through coffee withdrawals, ok?

Now, drink up as you enjoy your coffee detox!