HelloGiggles Team
Aug 08, 2014 @ 9:48 am

Happy International Cat Day! Happily, a wedding planning company, recently did the Internet a favor by inviting two curious kittens to one of its slick matrimonial soirées. Check it out:

"We wanted to show people that any wedding—no matter how insane or basic with a capital B—can be awesomely personal and totally fun. I mean, everybody has their version of a happily ever after. As a cat lady, this happened to be mine," said founder Sarah Shewey.

We can step to that. And if you want to step ahead of the pack, you can follow Shewey's #MyHappily conversation on Happily's Twitter (@happilywedding) and FB. Want early access to their super easy-to-use wedding planning app? Sign up HERE. Seriously, you'll want to get married every day.

You’ll Want to Get Married Every Day.

You’ll Want to Get Married Every Day.