July 21, 2014 11:30 am

This video comes with an important conservation message. Mubi lives with zookeeper Simon Jeffrey because she was rejected by her mom. She was born at the reserve and would not had survived without being cared for, like a baby, by Simon. She’s learning to play and socialize by spending time with her puppy housemates Iain and Daisy:

A baby monkey that was abandoned by its mother has made a new family — with two Jack Russell PUPPIES. Super cute drill monkey Mubi spends most of her time playing with little puppies Iain and Daisy. Mubi and the dogs, all around two months old, are being cared for by zookeeper Simon Jeffrey. Simon, who works at Port Lympne animal park near Canterbury, Kent, had to hand-rear little Mubi because she was rejected by her mother Yola. Now when she’s not clinging to Simon when he’s working, tiny Mubi plays with her two best friends at his home.

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