Cuteness Break: Just a baby koala’s first photo shoot

Imogen the baby Koala is ready for her close up! The kind conservationists at Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburgh, New South Wales took some time between shots to film a video of their little cutie having fun during her first official photo shoot.

Imogen, or “Ime” as her handlers Matt and Kylie call her, had her first brush with viral fame last month when she decided to lovingly reach out and hug one of the wildlife park’s camera men while they filmed her. That video now has over 1 million views! And very deservedly we might add.

Giving people hugs is not typical koala behavior, but Ime is very comfortable with we humans. Imogen’s mother passed away when she was only eight months old so Matt and Kylie have been raising her as if she were their own and helping her to develop koala skills (seems some human-focused affection has creeped in, in the process). The sweet joey has grown and thrived in their care and will be celebrating her first birthday this weekend.

To commemorate the joyous occasion the Symbio Wildlife Park uploaded this b-roll footage from Imogen’s photo shoot earlier this year. So, stop whatever you are doing and take a moment to relax and take in this delightful Cuteness Break thanks to the most adorable birthday girl, Imogen:

If you happen to be in the New South Wales area this weekend stop by and celebrate Imogen’s birthday for FREE. The park is offering free passes for any kids who want to meet the little koala and sign her birthday card!

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