Kenya Foy
Updated Sep 16, 2016 @ 11:34 am
Credit: Piotr Miazga/Unsplash

If it feels like noodles have been a popular topic of discussion lately, they have (because talking about food never gets old, duh). We cringed and wept in spirit with the guinea pigs who sampled a bowl of spicy instant noodles that set their mouths and insides on fire and eagerly followed along with Kylie Jenner’s Ramen Noodle recipe. The latest noodle news takes us in the complete opposite direction of Jenner’s noodle revamp: Cup Noodles is taking away ingredients from its standard recipe, an unprecedented move for the company whose instant concoction has never changed — until now.

Continuing a trend of food and beverage brands attempting to make their products healthier (see: Campbell’s Soup and Organic Gatorade), Nissin Foods have announced plans to cut down on the U.S. variety of Cup Noodles’ sodium content and nix added MSG and artificial flavors.

Nissin Foods USA president Al Multari explained the motivation behind the ingredient changes:

“Most recently, we asked our consumers what changes they’d like to see in our Cup Noodles product,” he said in a press release. “They told us that without sacrificing taste, the three most compelling changes we could make to our recipe were: lower sodium, no added MSG and no artificial flavors. This is exactly what we’ve been able to accomplish. Our consumers rely on Cup Noodles as a convenient, affordable and quality meal to help keep them going – and now, they can feel even better about eating it.”

The negative health impacts of excessive sodium and MSG are well-documented, so these recipe changes definitely sound like a plan our bodies will appreciate. That said, we have one minor suggestion that can make these instant noodles even better: ADD MORE NOODLES, PLEASE.

Credit: Fox / Giphy