Traditional Japanese cuisine is already incredible — from soba noodles, to sushi, and more. You know what else is incredible? Cookies. And one unbelievably talented food artist has combined the best of both worlds with cookies that perfectly resemble miniature Japanese meals. We are truly in awe of the precision required to create these gorgeous, detailed AF pastries.

Chikoto Kawakami is the mastermind and ~artiste~ responsible for these magical dessert creations. Using intricately applied icing, Kawakami replicates soba noodles and sushi — two delectable staples of Japanese cuisine previously mentioned — as well as cirashi don, pork katsudon, and numerous other dishes. Lucky for us, she posts all of her cookie sculptures on her Instagram account.

I don’t think I could even eat these masterpieces — I’d probably just preserve them and present them as the mesmerizing pieces of art they are.