We have some great news for all you Oreo flavor collectors out there. Cookie Butter Oreos are rumored to be hitting store shelves in the near future. According to junk food Instagram page, JunkBanter, Oreo will release their limited-edition Cookie Butter flavor later this year.

The original Cookie Butter Oreo conspiracy came from Instagram user @Markie_Devo. Markie’s Instagram feed is filled with delicious goodies from all over the world, and it was Markie who first broke the Cookie Butter Oreo news.

He claims that this new flavor will hit shelves September 18th. But according to Delish, Oreo has yet to confirm (or deny!).

Another Instagram account called The Junk Food Aisle also posted about the Cookie Butter Oreo theory. They provided followers with some concept art as to what the packaging may look like.

The Junk Food Aisle writes in their caption that Cookie Butter Oreos aren’t actually real. But we’re holding out hope that these cookies aren’t real yet.

Hopefully, a caramel/cinnamon/ginger snap Oreo flavor is in the works and the company is being super sneaky about it. If so, we’re ready to throw a cookie butter-themed party to welcome this new snack into the Oreo family.