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So, Super Bowl commercials are kind of a big deal, especially considering that 30 seconds of airtime costs a not-so-casual $5 million. While this can be great promotion for companies that can afford it, it’s definitely not easy to score (pun intended) a Super Bowl ad when you’re a small business owner.

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To literally change the game of Super Bowl commercials, accounting software company Intuit QuickBooks decided to hold a contest asking small business owners to answer a series of questions and participate in various activities. Then, once voters had their say, the business with the most votes would receive their very own Super Bowl ad… for FREE!

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With only eleven employees (they just hired two more), upstate New York-based Death Wish Coffee won the big prize and, considering that they’ve only been in business since 2012, this is a highly impressive feat. “It’s gonna fast forward us about 10 years down the road in about 30 seconds,” owner Michael Brown told CBS News.

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The ad itself features a ship full of Vikings sailing on a dark sea, crying that they “awaken and welcome death,” and that they will soon be drinking “in the heart of Valhalla.” In other words, they’re sailing on a sea of coffee that’s soon to be consumed, but they’re proud to die for such an honorable cause. (Pretty intense, huh? I mean, they don’t call it the “World’s Strongest Coffee” for nothing.)

Now, the question is: can the eleven Death Wish Coffee employees handle the influx of orders that’s presumably coming their way?

“On my own, with my small, nine-person [now eleven-person] staff? Probably not,” Brown said. “We’re attempting to get about a quarter of a million pounds in our distribution centers ready to ship for the day of the big game.”

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Based on what the small business tweeted this morning, we have a feeling that they’re already thankful to have caffeine at their fingertips:

Overall, we’d like more small business commercials like this, please.